Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pulled Pork Poutine

I'm the first to admit, there's nothing nutritionally redeeming about poutine, that odd Quebecois concoction of french fries, melted cheese curds and gravy. Whenever I mention poutine to my non-Canadian friends, I get either a quizzical look, or a face of utter disgust... until they actually try it.

I could argue that the cheese curds give you beneficial vitamin A, protein and calcium. And the protein in the pulled pork is helpful to those of us who tend to be iron-deficient.

Forget about the cholesterol and salt. Really. Put it out of your mind just long enough to read this post. Now imagine a generous serving of slow-cooked, southern-style, pulled pork dumped on top of that mound of poutine.

 A cone of pulled pork poutine 

That's exactly what we had at Le Boucan (Le bOucan ~ Smokehouse). It' a tiny nook on Notre Dame Street, a few blocks from the Atwater Market. Its tiny kitchen -- the size of a walk-in closet -- turns our mighty flavourful fare.

The Cook (centre) and his kitchen crew 
The neighbourhood joint was voted Best Ribs Restaurant in Montreal. A huge coup for a the three hockey buddies who pulled together their life savings to open the place almost two years ago.
Inside Le Boucan Smokehouse in Montreal
On our first visit to Le Boucan, we ordered the poutine (split between hubby and me). Our 11-year-old order the grilled shrimps.

Grilled shrimp served in a glass jar with sweet and spicy sauce
We enjoyed our delicious apps on the back terrace under a full moon. We're definitely going back. And next time,  I must try the bacon brownie. It's neither G-free, dairy free nor sugar free, but I'll just have to take one for the team.

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  1. Hmmm, this might just be the poutine for me since I am not fond of the traditional gravy. Is this the place that we tried to find in Montreal last March? Thanks for this post, we will have to check it out on our next trip to the Atwater market. I am in need of more delicious olive oil...and balsamic...and coffee...and chocolate...and...