About Me

I’m Anna-Karina. I was a yoga-loving, power-walking, Type-A working mom, news junkie. As a journalist and occasional anchor, I loved the rush and intensity of the newsroom. I thrived on the chase, filing stories for CTV Ottawa and CBC TV. Then I joined the ranks of the federal government. I was trying my very best to be Super Mom to my three children.

Then in 2009, the unexpected hit. A bad bout of food poisoning left me with a variant of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. My nervous system was shot. As my medical team scratched their heads trying to figure out my prognosis, all I could think about were the simple things I could no longer do. Looking into the eyes of my children. Reading to them. Using my eyes. Walking on my own. Feeling hot, cold and pressure on my skin.

I wasn't able to taste or feel food. But I could smell it. I could enjoy it through the reactions of my family and friends. As I was homebound, I found solace in my kitchen.

Years later, I'm happy to say that I’ve made slow and steady gains. My body is healing. I am embracing my new normal. Along the way, I have
connected with some wonderful and inspiring people. 

I'm so grateful you can follow along on my journey through AKsKitchen, a place where I
nurture my body, my family and those I love.

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