Friday, January 13, 2012

Gifts from Spain

I was reluctantly taking down the Christmas decorations last week when the doorbell rang.  A FedEx guy had a special delivery for me. Seemed Christmas wanted to linger a little longer in AK's Kitchen.

The package was a gift from my friend Marga to mark the Fiesta de los Tres Reyes Mages. My five-year-old eagerly tore off the packing tape and pulled out the treats. Designer shirts, bakugan toys, assorted goodies for the whole family.

Turrón: honey, almond nougat
Knowing my family's insatiable sweet tooth, Marga sent not one but two boxes of Turrón, or torrone - whole almonds, glued together with honey and sandwiched between paper-thin wafers. This stuff is addictive. Maybe that's why Marga snuck a pedometre into our gift box.

My favourite present is definitely this device which resembles a caulking gun.

It's not a caulking gun. It's a churros maker.
The churros maker came with recipes for cookies, pasta, as well as churros. The cylinder contains the dough and the long handle is used to squeeze out a tube of dough.

I plan on spending the weekend getting better acquainted with my new kitchen toy and testing gluten free recipes. If I have any success, on Sunday afternoon, my gang of soccer fanatics will be cheering for Barcelona while dunking fresh churros into warm chocolate.

Wish me luck.

And to my Galecian friends, Marga and Pepe: Gracias moi meus queridos amigos e amantes da gastronomía. 

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