Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night Dessert Project

The Friday night ritual in AK's Kitchen usually involves something baked, something sweet, something chocolate, or all of the above. (I don't get out much.)

This particular Friday, my gang expected their regular sweet fix. They invited three of their friends to join the indulgence. Imagine, six angelic little faces smiling up at me in my kitchen. All pleading with me to get their hands gooey with batter so they could stuff their faces with dessert.

Before I could induge them, my body ran out of steam. I didn't have the energy to stand in front of a stove, tempering chocolate. But I couldn't let down the kids. I needed a no-cook, kid-friendly dessert. Better yet, something they could make themselves, with little energy out-put from me.

I pulled out my sure-fire kid-pleaser. It is the most inelegant hunk of metal in my kitchen. It resembles a crude medieval torture device.

All six pairs of eyes widened like saucers. I gave them a quick demonstration of how it works. I secured an apple on the long metal bar, cranked the handle a few times and in seconds, the peel unravelled like a ribbon. The apple was cored and sliced into symmetrical rings in seconds.

I don't know the technical name for the apple gizmo. I picked it up years ago at a kitchen store in the States. I once saw a similar device in the Lee Valley Tools catalogue. I think every family kitchen needs one, not just for the functionality but for the amusement factor.

After my apple gizmo demo, our five-year-old friend screeched in amazement.  Her older brother was slack-jawed, as though he had just witnessed the most incredible magic trick.

I had to harness (read exploit) this curiosity. So I put them to work on The Great Apple Dessert Project. My daughter and 9-year-old best friend were in charge of cranking out the apples. The youngest slurped up the long "apple worms," the ribbon-like peels.

The boys prepared the sweet sprinkles of cinnamon and coconut sugar.

Within a few minutes, the gang presented their perfect plate of apple rings. They were all so proud of  their creation.

I set aside a couple of rings and topped them with cinnamon and garam masala for myself. I read somewhere that the scent of cinnamon is beneficial for cognitive function and memory. (Anything to help the brain.)  

The kids now have a low-tech, no-fuss dessert/ snack to add to their repertoire. Best of all, I won't have to lift a finger.

The apple gizmo is at the ready for the next gang of kids, and maybe a few adults.

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