Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Food Mecca in Ottawa?

I stepped out of AK's Kitchen today to indulge my sweet tooth. I paid a visit to my favourite bakery in Ottawa. It's a textbook case of build it and they will come. Or more aptly, bake it and they will flock!

From the basement of the Bagelshop in ├╝ber-trendy Wellington Village, Art-is-In Bakery moved into its new digs in an old warehouse in City Centre, one of Ottawa's architectural eyesores. The wizards at Art-Is-In managed to transform a grungy, pimple of a location into an inviting, tasteful and trendy hotspot.

This Spanish tourist joined the pastry-loving crowd one Sunday morning.    
And the customers keep coming. I am one of the faithful. As an aside, I ignore my gluten sensitivities once a month because some sins are worth the punishment. Art-Is-In's fare is oh so worth the penance.

Anyway, with the steady traffic that Art-Is-In attracts, how wonderful would it be for other food-related businesses to set up shop in the other nearby warehouses? Why not capitalize on the steady traffic and eager buyers? Why not offer them more food choices? Perhaps a decent GF establishment? An Indian take-out counter?  A cheese and deli emporium? A local produce and meat supplier?

I'm thinking something along the lines of a miniature Atwater Market in Montreal or St. Lawrence Market in Toronto.

Food for thought as I inhale my chocolate almond croissant.

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