Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Valentine Surprise

 Valentine's Day is very special day in our household. The day of love also happens to be my hubby's birthday. So we have lots to celebrate. This year, for his 45th, he was surrounded by loved ones and Filipino food.
Lumpia Shanghai


We had Myrna's pansit (a traditional noodle dish for good fortune and long life), lumpia Shanghai (fried rolls) and fresh egg rolls (the gluten free, peanut free version wasn't quite what my Lola used to make), Melisa's adobo (marinaded chicken) and 12 pounds of slow-cooked pulled pork courtesy of our BBQ master, Neil.

Pulled Pork
For desserts, we had a healthy bibinka (coconut rice cake), chocolate quinoa brownies (thanks Anna B) and Ellen's fruit salad.
Assorted desserts

Bibinka baked in banana leaves


Chocolate sushi
The show-stopper was Tara's chocolate sushi.

I'll be off-line for the next three weeks, cruising the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. I'll take lots of shots of the exotic foods. Until then, eat well and be well.


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