Saturday, November 13, 2010

Painful Payback

I did a very bad thing. I fell into temptation. I was seduced by the sexy packaging and an easy opportunity. I indulged in something I've been without for so long. And now I am truly suffering the consequences.

This afternoon, my family and I were enjoying a walk through a trendy neighbourhood. We passed trendy shops and inviting eateries. One of them pulled me by the nose through the doorway. I was intoxicated by the smell of vanilla and fresh baking. Inside, I found myself in a trance, ogling every single cheesecake, pie and cookie. Without even thinking of my gluten and dairy sensitivities, I eagerly placed my order. I had completely forgotten the fact that my body has been without sugar for months.  

After dinner, I opened the box of sinful treats. I sampled the chewy brownie, the peanut butter chocolate cupcake and the tiramisu cheesecake. My far-more-sensible 10-year-old son watched me, shaking his head. I could hear him thinking, "Mama's not thinking. She's gonna regret this."

Here's what was left after I made a pig of myself.

Within minutes I felt the effects of my mindless indulgence. My insides were screaming. I was bloated, gassy and in pain. There will be no next time. (Hopefully publishing the thought will help me stick to the intention.)
As I write this, I have a hot compress sitting on my protruding tummy. Beside my keyboard is a mug of my homemade remedy: a tepid tea of grated ginger and fennel seeds. My grandmother always gave us ginger to soothe our intestinal pains. Fennel has similar soothing properties. Plus I like the mild licorice taste when I chew the seeds.
Fennel seeds and fresh ginger
Next time, I will be mindful of what I am feeding my body. Mindful eating, mindful eating, mindful eating.  It's going to be a long evening with a lot of ginger-fennel tea.


  1. Pauvre toi!! I hope all is better again. Just so you know, you have inspired me to quit sugar. Just like that. Cold turkey. Done. It has been over two weeks now. For a sweet tooth like mine, that is pretty good. Thank you.

    By the way, you are a natural blogger! I love reading your posts.

  2. Thanks so much. I'm very happy to have inspired another sweet tooth to quit sugar. Don't your insides feel much better?
    As a sugar alternative, I have a jar of boiled, pureed dates. I use a spoonful whenever I need a sweet fix. Please keep the comments coming - the good, the bad and the indifferent.