Sunday, October 24, 2010

Raw Afternoon Delight

I was a little self-indulgent this weekend. I went on small shopping spree. When I left the store, I was giddy with excitement, anxious to sample my new purchases. Take a peek.

La Belle Verte in Gatineau, Quebec is one of my favourite restaurants. Its specialty is raw, vegan cuisine. I love the casual, ecclectic set-up and the open kitchen. Everyone who works there seems to have flawless skin, bright eyes and an over-all healthy glow about them. Must be the food.
I stopped in for some take-out desserts Saturday afternoon. As usual, I couldn't decide, so I bought at least one of everything: banana "cream" pie, chocolate bliss balls and blueberry tarts. Plus a bag of their out-of-this-world kale chips. (See my failed attempt in a previous post.)

Kale chips

chocolate bliss balls
The chocolate bliss balls are more like macaroons, loaded with coconut, cocoa and coconut butter.
 The blueberry tart was bursting with fresh flavour. The kids devoured those in seconds.
blueberry tart
banana cream pie
My favourite was the banana "cream" pie. There is not a trace of cream in the pie, but the banana filling is so rich and creamy, you'd never miss the cream. The crust is made of pressed, crushed nuts.
All the desserts are sweetened with agave.

The desserts are filling and loaded with nutrients. Two bites of the banana cream pie left me very satisfied. (Mind you, that was after tasting a chocolate bliss ball and taking a tiny piece of blueberry tart.) If you're in west Quebec, La Belle Verte is worth a stop. Or if you're craving a fresh, wholesome, sugar-free, guilt-free dessert, this is the place for a raw delight.

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