Thursday, September 5, 2013

Snapshots from Abroad

The kids are back at school. And my kitchen is clean and quiet. Bliss.

I'm thrilled that all three bottomless bellies are putting their brains to work after the long summer hiatus.

On a train in Italy
I can finally switch gears from referee/ cook/ corporal to sane working professional.

I learned a couple of lessons this summer.

Lesson one: Never take your family vacation at the beginning of summer. Save it for August. Otherwise, you'll return home and have to listen to the same rant everyday until the start of school.

"This is so boring compared to the Italy. There's nothing to do at home. The food here isn't as good as the food we had on vacation." The last part is so true:
Cannoli in Sicily
Dried pasta in Florence
Seafood in Rome
Peaches in Venice
Lesson two: It doesn't matter how far and away the destination...

Sorrento, Italy 
It's all about the people.
The Grand Canal in Venice, Italy 
We reconnected with my favourite Italian sous chef, Filippo.

La Rambla, Barcelona

In EspaƱa, we reunited with our Spanish friends who trekked to Barcelona from Wales and Madrid just to show us the sights and make sure we were safe from picketpockets. 

I came across a fitting expression: friends are family you choose. I've chosen well.